16 Nov

Twenty-two free ganim (pre-schools) are dispersed throughout the community to serve religious and secular children from the age of 3 to Kindergarten, as well as an early intervention pre-school for delayed development. For religious students, Ohr Torah (a public co-ed modern orthodox elementary school from grades 1 -6) has high standards for both Torah and general studies. Housed in a new modern complex, Ohr Torah scored the highest on national test scores when compared to all the religious schools in the Sharon region. The school has a new computer lab, projectors in all the classes, a mobile computer lab, as well as small classes – all of which are luxuries in Israel. Thirty-percent of its student body come from English speaking families, who are also congregants at the new Mevesar Tzion synagogue. English classes for native English speakers are available along with one to one Hebrew instruction for new olim. You can visit the school at https://www.facebook.com/OhrTorahTelMondwrTwrhTlMwndThere are 3 secular elementary schools, which are all in one central location. There is also a middle school/high school in Tel Mond which services the secular community. Starting in elementary school, there are separate English classes in the schools for native-English speakers. 

Religious high schoolers are bussed into neighboring Raanana for various high schools. Many high schoolers in Tel Mond also attended “Meitarim”, a pluralistic High School in Raanana.Both Bnei Akiva and Tzofim are active youth groups in the community. Tel Mond organizes joint programs for both secular and religious youth, which are sometimes recreational and sometimes educational.






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